Atlanta Falcons Rookie Is A Suspect In Two Rape Allegations

Torrey Green

NFL rookie linebacker, Torrey Green, may have to kiss his professional football career goodbye now that it’s been revealed that he is at the center of two rape allegations.
Green, who signed a free agent contract with the Atlanta Falcons back in April, is being accused of sexually assaulting two women while attending Utah State.
The first alleged incident occurred in January 2015. Green’s accuser claims that Green took her back to his apartment, pushed her onto his bed, removed her pants and had sex with her against her will, despite the fact she was very clear about not wanting to have sex with him.
According to reports, the accuser told Green “Please stop, I don’t want to do this,” but he continued anyway. She says that when Green was done, he said to her, “You aren’t the kinda girl that would report rape? Because that would ruin my career.” It didn’t matter though, because she went to the Utah State sexual assault center that same night, where nurse’s administered a rape kit. Green, on the other hand, says the woman is lying and that he would never have sex with someone against their will. He tells authorities that he stopped his advances when she showed signs of hesitation.
The second alleged incident occurred in November 2015. The second woman claims that she and Green had been drinking a lot at a party and afterwords, Green took her back to a room. The accuser says that Green locked the door and begged her for sex. She says that she remembers saying ‘No,’ attempting to get out of the locked door, but next thing she recalls is Green on top of her, her pants off, and her being in pain.
The accuser then reported to her rape to police, had a rape kit administered, but eventually began to be uncooperative. Regardless, the case was still kicked over to the D.A.
A third woman also accused Green of sexual assault in November of 2015. She claimed that Green groped her several times. She also went to police.
In the wake of this news, the Atlanta Falcons have since cut Torrey Green from the squad. “We don’t want anybody connected to the organization who has those kind of accusations against them,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank is reported as saying during Thursday morning’s training camp.

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