Atlanta man killed and his wife shot over a gold chain worth $5


Anthony Welch decided to celebrate his wife’s birthday by treating her to a dinner at Pappadeaux restaurant in Marietta, Georgia. The couple, who had been married for 25 years, were leaving the restaurant when they were approached by a man.

According to reports by WSB-TV, the gunman snatched a piece of jewelry from her neck and demanded that they give him everything they had. The gold chain was worth no more than $5. But before the couple could agree to the gunman’s demands, he fired several shots at the couple. After the gunman fled the scene on foot, the couple was discovered in the parking lot of the restaurant and rushed to a hospital.

Anthony Welch was pronounced dead on arrival. His wife, Cynthia, survived after being treated for a gunshot wound to the arm.

The incident serves as a reminder of how senseless gun violence continues to be an issue across the nation. Because guns are so easy to obtain, those who lack the responsibility or proper mental capacity are able to access weapons. When compared to other prominent nations, some American cities are deadlier than countries that have experienced war and strife. According to a report from Global Burden of Disease, when it comes to gun violence, Atlanta is deadlier than South Africa; Detroit is deadlier than El Salvador; Los Angeles is deadlier than Mexico; Baltimore is deadlier than Colombia; and New Orleans is deadlier than Honduras.

Until leaders of this nation confront organizations such as the NRA, policies will never change and the issue of gun violence in America will continue to worsen.

Investigators continue to search for the suspect in the shooting of Anthony and Cynthia Welch.

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