Author Keesha Rivers: “Mama, They Didn’t Mean It”

We salute The Regina Sunshine Show’s November Sponsor Keesha Rivers and her new book, Mama, They Didn’t Mean It.

Keesha Rivers is a woman who has endured much pain, trial, and made many sacrifices. But instead of being bitter, she shares her story and the lessons she learned to forgive those who tormented and abused her. “Mama, They Didn’t Mean It” is an account of how savvy business woman Keesha Rivers was able to rise above adoption, rape, abuse and molestation, depression, loneliness and bullying, teen-motherhood, financial trials, crushed friendships, and loves lost to finally love herself. One of Keesha’s favorite sayings is, “Know Your Worth”. This book is the journey through how she was able to finally learn her own invaluable worth, and how forgiveness can help you to do the same.

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