‘Basketball Wives LA’ Jackie Christie Gets Blasted: Estranged Daughter Opens GoFundMe For Medical Expenses

Basketball Wives LA star Jackie Christie, wife of former NBA player Doug Christie, is receiving a lot of social media backlash after a Gofundme page belonging to her estranged daughter went viral.

It’s no secret that Jackie and her oldest daughter TaKari have a very strained relationship as it is known that the reality tv star refuses to acknowledge her daughter on the show while widely celebrating her relationship with her other daughter, Chantel.

TaKari has been very vocal about the fact that she believes her mother dislikes her because of her skin color and weight. Well, now she is in need after her son suffered burns from an accident while at his daycare.  TaKari  decided to open up a GoFundMe account:


“Jaxson is a very happy- go- lucky lil 8 month old baby who was badly burned on his head, neck, and chest while being cared for at a local daycare earlier this week,” the account read. “Due to the extent of his injuries he has to go at least once a week to Harborview M.C. to meet with the children’s burn unit. His mother cannot go to work and doesn’t have enough vacation time to cover the extended leave she will need to provide around the clock care for Jaxson. At this point their family needs assistance to cover the financial hardships that this horrible injury will create in the near future until any legal matters are handled. This includes things such as transportation to and from Seattle each week, some bills, groceries, etc. Any little bit counts and will be greatly appreciated by Kari and her children. If you can’t donate it’s okay, but if you can share this page that would help greatly! Thank you very much.”

Jackie made a statement that if her daughter wants money from her, she will have to call to ask.

What’s infuriating to many is that all TaKari is asking for is $3,000 but why would she need to ask for such an amount when her mother is worth millions?


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