Black History All Year!! 7 Lesser Known Black History Facts

Black History All Year!! 7 Lesser Known Black History Facts

It may be March 1st  but that doesn’t mean that we stop celebrating and recognizing amazing people in black history. So here are 7 lesser known black history facts:

1.The Fultz Quadruplets were the first surviving identical African-American quads, born on May 3, 1946. Three of the sisters died from breast cancer. As of 2002 Mary Catherine, the last surviving sister, was said to have had her cancer to go into remission but that is the last time she has been contacted. Here’s to hopping she’s still alive and enjoying life.

2. Claudette Colvin refused to give up her seat on the bus in Montgomery, Alabama March 2, 1995, 9 months before Rosa Parks. The reason she is lesser known is because at the time she was pregnant. But she did help challenge the segregation law in court and helped overturned bus segregation law. She is still alive and kicking now at the age of 77.

3.One in four Cowboys were Black. After the Civil War ended, freedmen came wet with the hope of a better life where the demand for skilled labor was high. These African Americans made up at least a quarter f the legendary cowboys, like the real Lone Ranger Bass Reeves, lived in dangerous conditions facing weather, rattlesnakes, and outlaws.

4.Liberia was founded and colonized by ex slaves. The west African country is one of two sovereign states in the world started as a colony for ex slaves and marginalized blacks. Sierra Leone is the other.

5. Paul Robeson, multitalented actor, singer, and civil rights activist, was considered for a .U.S. vice presidential spot on Henry a Wallace’s Progressive Party ticket in 1948.

6. Jackie Robinson helped establish the African American owned and controlled Freedom Bank in 1964.

7. Benjamin Banneker is credited with helping to design the blueprints for Washington, D.C.

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