Cam Newton Reportedly Being Sued; Rented Mansion Trashed

Cam Newton is reportedly being sued for $270,000 after a luxury home he rented after the Super Bowl was “destroyed.” The home, belonging to a Los Angeles real estate mogul, sustained serious damage despite having an agreement with Newton that he would not throw any parties or smoke inside the house. The suit alleges that Newton breached both rules when he rented the Beverly Hills mansion for 61 days at a cost of $123,000.

When Newton moved out, the alleged damages were vast according to TMZ. The renter claims the refrigerator was broken, linens were ruined, floors sustained water damage, and a $32,000 rug was destroyed. This was despite claims that Newton and the house’s owner had numerous discussions about the state of property while the quarterback was renting it.

Newton is being sued for the $90,324.47 in total damages and $180,000 in lost rentals while the house needed to be repaired. Neither he, nor representatives of the Panthers have commented on the lawsuit.

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