Darren Sharper: Former NFL Safety Charged With 20 Yrs In Prison For Drugging And Raping Women

Darren Sharper: Former NFL Safety Charged With 20 Yrs In Prison For Drugging And Raping Women

Former NFL safety Darren Sharper has been charged with 20 years in prison for the drugging and raping of two LA women.

Sharper plead no contest in a plea deal that was negotiated by prosecutors for four states, however, the judge thought it was too lenient and sentenced him to 18 years. The 41-year old potentially took advantage of up to 16 women in Louisiana, Nevada and Arizona, in addition to California.

The two Los Angeles victims got to share their testimonies in court and one of them opened up about the psychological effects that Sharper has had on her since the rape.

“I can only imagine myself lying there like a vegetable while he took advantage of my body without my permission,” one of the victims said in court today. “I have lost every bit of self confidence I’ve ever had and am always in fear while alone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, I can see a guy and automatically in my head think, ‘What if this guy tries to rape me?’”

Based on these women’s detailed accounts of what happened along with descriptions of the psychological effects its had on them, Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor offered his sympathies and then sentenced Sharper to 20 years in prison.

“I dare say that I cannot speak more eloquently or passionately about the horrible misconduct of Mr. Sharper and the unfathomable effect he has had on the two alleged victims,” he said. “I think their individual statements speak volumes as to this disgraceful abuse of trust and the behavior of Mr. Sharper.”

Via Bleacher Report:

“In October, Erik Nunez and Brandon Licciardi, a former St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, deputy sheriff, received prison sentences of 10 and 17 years, respectively, for their roles in helping Sharper commit his crimes. They admitted to giving women drugs with the intent of raping them, according to the Times-Picayune’s Ken Daley. Licciardi pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree rape as well.”
Hopefully these women can begin to find peace knowing that they’ve received justice for such a horrifying ordeal.

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