Facts About Our Missing Children

Facts About Our Missing Children

I’ve wanted to write this article for a long time. I wanted to make sure every detail was pressed out, my words eloquently describing each incident with each child. I wanted my words to encompass and inspire you to go out and help this cause by donating or by other means. Simply put I wanted to entertain you enough that you would pay attention to the subject at hand, but then I asked myself why was this necessary?  Why do I feel I have to appease to your senses to care about children that are missing? Then the answer hit me like a ton of bricks, because they are black children. In order for people to care about us we have to  prove to them, in any sort of vicinity, that our being here is purposeful even if they don’t see it. Many will never see it, yet we still try.

So I decided to skip all the pleasantries and give the facts straight no chaser. I just hope this honesty will captivate you the way my words would have.

FACT; There are 66,000 missing black women in the US right now.

FACT: There are1.5 million black men missing ( including those that are incarcerated)

FACT: There are over a Dozen (recent) children missing in the D.C area alone

FACT: Black kids are 42% of all non family abductions.

FACT: Black kids are missing all over the country Not just D.C.

FACT: A lot of kidnapped kids become victims of child sex trafficking

FACT: African Americans make up 33% of the overall missing persons while we only represent 13% of the total U.S population.

FACT: There isn’t a lot of information on the kids who have gone missing or how to get our kids back home on the internet. Places like blackandmissinginc.com and Hope 5K are organizations that have more information on the kids and ways to help.



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