Father and son arrested for campus rape during orientation


The details of a campus rape at Illinois State University during new student orientation are now emerging. Incoming students were attending a two-day event at Illinois State University, called the Preview. This event is a tradition that has been held at the college for the past 50 years. The event allows new students to meet before the start of classes and familiarize themselves with the campus. During last week’s event, incoming freshman Shawn Childs, 19, was in attendance with his father Shawn Childs Sr.; parents are allowed to attend the events but stay in a separate residence hall. However, the Childs were at a dorm room party in a student designated residence hall. During the evening, the elder Childs went to purchase alcohol for the underage minors at a local liquor store.

As the night went on, it is alleged that Shawn Childs Sr. put a pill in the soda of a female student that she later drank. The student returned to her dorm room after feeling ill and was followed by Shawn Childs Jr., who allegedly raped her at least twice. The student reported the sexual assault to the police the next morning. The father and son were then arrested as they were boarding a train heading back to their home in Chicago. When police searched the father, they found 22 tablets of the drug Ecstasy in his pocket.

Shawn Childs Jr. is charged with four counts of criminal sexual assault of a woman and his bail has been set at $10,035. His father, Shawn Childs Sr., is charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Because the father has a prior criminal record that includes attempted murder, domestic battery and unlawful use of weapon, his bail was set at $20,035. The pair were arraigned recently and face their next court date on July 29.

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