Feel Good Post OF The Day

Feel Good Post OF The Day

Meet David Yancey a teacher at Edwards Middle School in Conyers who took the Atlanta rap group Migos hit single “Bad and Boujee” and fashioned it for a Civil War lesson for his students.

Yancey, the school’s 2016 Teacher of the Year, said he began making songs based off his lessons about three years ago, to an overwhelming response from the students. Most of the songs, he admits, aren’t even in his playlist.

“A lot of them I don’t know the words to,” he said by phone Monday. “But the students like them.”

The songs always come after the lesson on the same subject. He said it’s his way of making sure the information sticks.

“It’s not just random things that are being thrown together,” he said. “I’m very intentional … on what content I’m delivering. I’ll do the lesson, and I pull it all together in a song.

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