He/She Ain’t Woke…Nope. Not At All.

If Stephen King champions for black people’s rights more than you do and you’re black … you’re sleep.

Stacey Dash

Usually, black people are the most woke because the disenfranchisement is happening to us, but there have been more and more white people who are speaking up and speaking out. Shout-out to the white people who are woke!

However, every once in a while, a black person questions why HBCUs exist or claims we don’t need Black History Month or says she’d never hire someone with a ghetto name, all while bearing a ghetto name. Those people are the opposite of woke. Those people are sleep, sleepy—in fact, the sleepiest people on the planet. Here’s a list of black celebrities who are catching up on all their z’s.

Spoiler Alert: Yes. Stacey Dash’s clown self is ABSOLUTELY on the list. Psh.

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