Is Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Breaking The Law?



When you see lights and sirens, you get out of the way, knowing those first responders are heading to an emergency.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who is pushing for a MARTA expansion to ease gridlock, doesn’t always sit in the traffic he’s complaining about.

Instead, he uses his blue lights and sirens to get to non-emergency events — a presidential debate viewing party, public appearances and speaking engagements.

Mayor Kasim Reed does not have to wait in ANY Atlanta traffic … Would you say that’s breaking the law?

Some in law enforcement said he’s breaking the law.

“To use the lights and sirens the way he’s using them, to clear the intersections to get through, is not legal in the state of Georgia by statute,” said Vincent Champion, the southeast regional director for the International Brotherhood of Police Officers.

Mayor Reed said state law authorizes his driver to use lights and sirens.

“The bottom line is you don’t know what I’m doing. You don’t know what the emergency is,” Reed told Channel 2’s Lori Geary.

Atlanta police Chief George Turner defends the actions of his officers.

“I’m confident in the people that are assigned to this detail and the reasons that they’ve used to be able to use blue lights and move our mayor,” Turner told Geary.

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