Jagged Edge Brandon Casey: Neighbor Files Restraining Order

A woman filed a restraining order against Atlanta R&B group Jagged Edge’s Brandon Casey after an alleged argument over her skateboarding kid.

The woman is Casey’s neighbor and claims a fight erupted in her driveway after someone in Casey’s house got upset about her son skateboarding because the person thought her kid was on Casey’s property.

The neighbor alleges six people ran out of Casey’s house and “began to pummel” her, reports TMZ.  She claims her husband had to come out and break up the brawl. She went to court and requested a restraining order, which she was granted. Now Casey has to stay 25 feet away from her and her family. The woman claims she’s been staying a hotel for fear of another attack.

For his part, Casey doesn’t appear to have responded to the alleged incident. On the music front, the platinum selling group Jagged Edge has been doing spot dates at various locations, performing hits including, “Let’s Get Married” and “Promise.”

Hopefully, this entire alleged issue is resolved with no more drama.


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