Jordan Peele is the First Black Writer-Director to Have a $100 Million Debut

Jordan Peele is the First Black Writer-Director to Have a $100 Million Debut

This past weekend, Jordan Peele’s horror-satire Get Out made history on two fronts. First, it became the fastest Blumhouse Productions film to gross $100 million. Second, Peele became the first Black writer-director to debut with a $100 million dollar movie. It’s also worth noting that Get Out was made with a rather paltry $4 million budget and and an fairly unknown cast.

When asked when and how he came up with the story Peele had this to say “I developed it over the last eight years, really,” Peele explained in an interview with The Verge. “The original story genesis was, I wanted to make a horror movie, and I first zoned in on this idea that I wanted to make a movie about the social fear and anxiety we all have about being the outsider in any group. Very quickly I realized this could be a racial movie. So race wasn’t the initial spark, but I realized it could [be a focal point], and that was where my instinct was coming from.

“As we got into the initial years of the Obama administration, it became more clear than ever to me that race was a conversation people were increasingly uncomfortable having,” he continued. “There was this ‘post-racial’ lie going on. So this movie, the purpose of it became to represent the black experience, but also just [represent] race in the horror-movie genre and in the public conversation, in a way that I felt was taboo.”

As for what’s next for the rising star, Peele says he’s already envisioning a series of spiritual successors to Get Out, exploring more “social demons”. Naturally, with the success of his first movie, we can expect studios to be clamoring to work with him.

Congratulations to Jordan Peele and if you haven’t seen the movie please do, I promise you will love it. Check out the trailer below:

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