Katt Williams faces jail time after being charged for punching another woman


Katt Williams continues to find himself in bad situations. Williams was at the Sportsmen’s Lodge restaurant in Los Angles when the incident occurred in late July. Williams felt disrespected by a woman who worked at the restaurant. At some point, the conversation became more intense and Williams allegedly punched the woman.

When police arrived, the woman told her side of the story and showed officers minor injuries that were visible. Williams was eventually arrested and could face more time in jail if convicted of the crime.

For the past year, Williams has found himself on the wrong side of the law. In March, Williams was arrested after being choked by a teenage boy while playing soccer at an apartment complex in Gainesville, Georgia.

In February, Williams was approached by women who wanted a picture with him after a show in Atlanta. Williams agreed to take the picture, but he became upset when one of the women began filming with her cellphone. He allegedly punched one of the women, Salena Boston, took her cellphone, and began fighting the others. The women also claimed that a member of Williams’ entourage took out a gun and laid it on the pavement as if to threaten the women with more violence.

Police arrived at the scene and Williams told a different story. He said the women approached him and began grabbing him while trying to snatch his necklace. At that point, Williams said he was trying to protect himself after one of the women said that she would go to her trunk and get a weapon.

During that same weekend, Williams was also arrested after fighting an employee at a pool supply store. After getting in an argument with the employee, Williams allegedly threw goggles at the employee and punched the man in the face. When police arrived, Williams was face down with his hands behind his back, prepared for his arrest. Williams said the employee called him the N-word before the fight occurred.

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