Keesha Rivers: “Momma, They Didn’t Mean It” Book Signing

Keesha Rivers has a testimony that will in hopes inspire millions of readers that will share her story. A part of her life journey was adoption in which her birth mother has always wanted to know if anything ever happened to her. So, instead of Keesha telling just her, she decided to inspired the world by writing her first book about it. Don’t miss this historical afternoon of inspiration and overcoming yet “healing” what will truly be able to change lives. This will be a best seller and most of all, a life changer.

Who is Keesha Rivers?

  • CEO/ Founder- IAmFlaVore
  • Founder of ” The Fla’Vore-Aide Radio Show” on WOKB 1680am.
  • Founder of ” The Fla’Vore-Aide Radio Show” on Instinct Radio
  • Founder of KR Consulting
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Fashion/Pageant Director
  • Plus Model, Mentor, Coach
  • Magazine Writer
  • Gospel Now Distributor
  • A native of Marion County, FL


Published by Leading Through Living Community LLC, “Momma They Didn’t Mean It” will be a page-turner! Mark your calendar for October 26, 2016 to attend the book signing that will be held at Mary Macs Tea Room at 12:30pm.


“When you feel like an outcast, outsider, peculiar in your own world and wonder why ppl would treat you any type of way, there is still HOPE. I found hope in all of my trials growing up as a child. I pray my very first book inspires you!” ~ Keesha Rivers

Check out this promo video:

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