Lesbian wedding caterer stabbed to death following disagreement over chairs


Friends of Tyonne Johns believe she’s a victim of a hate crime. Johns, 35, is the owner of the Maryland-based catering company Chef Tyonne. Sadly, she was fatally stabbed following a wedding celebration held in Ellanor C. Lawrence Park in Chantilly, Fairfax County.

Parks worker Kempton Bonds, 19, a seasonal employee of the Fairfax County Park Authority, confronted Johns believing a set of folding chairs she was loading onto a truck belonged to the park. Prior to the argument, he turned off power at the facility and at 9:30 p.m. called the police on guests to make a noise complaint, according to a bartender, Seymone Spence, at the wedding.

Kempton Bonds

Kempton Bonds

At around 11 p.m., he reportedly stabbed her multiple times with a three-inch knife. He has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing. Bonds is a student at Northern Virginia Community College.

Chef Johns was a lesbian, and her friends and members of the LGBT community have labelled her killing a hate crime, even though police have not classified the stabbing as such.

A GoFundMe page, a CryForChefTy, has been created. It reads:


Tyonne Johns, known to many as CHEF Tyonne, was senselessly murdered on August 6, 2016 for standing up for what she believed. All too often our lives are taken away at the hands of those who deem our existence unnecessary. At this time, let us join together to support our Caring Hardworking Energetic Friend…CHEF Tyonne!

Tyonne was a dedicated friend with a genuine zest for life. Cooking and loving were two of her greatest passions. She poured her soul into every dish she created drawing from past pain and the will to make something from nothing. Tyonne espoused the community in which she lived adopting the “have and have nots.” After culinary engagements, Tyonnedistributed extra food to homeless individuals lacking nutritional support. She was atrue humanitarian and feared no human connection.

Tyonne also lent her smile and energy to school aged youth during her spare time. At a local elementary school near her home, she assistesd as a gym teacher to students who knew her as “Coach Ty.” She took her spirit and love for food into the classroom where she informed students on how to eat healthier and excercise. The extent to which she touched people was far and wide.

“I love her powerful drive, desire and sheer unrelenting loving energy that she dedicated to her grind…”

– Kimberley Bush, Business Associate August 7, 2016

Family, friends, and most of all FUNDS are needed! We are asking the community to stand, take action, and bridge the financial gap resulting from the horrific hate crime that transpired in the suburbs of our nations capital. Funds and resources are also needed to continue to highlight the ongoing assault in our communities, in our schools and NOW on our jobs. We are also aspiring to continue her legacy through scholarships and awareness. Tyonne should not be remembered as a victim, but as a entrepreneur to a thriving catering business known as Chef Ty.

In one of the last conversations with Tyonne she stated, “Let’s make this money.!” Wont WE don’t it!


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