Lil Uzi Vert Ready To Fight When He Runs Into A Rapper Who’s Been Dissing Him!


Lil Uzi Vert nearly gets into a fight at the Day N Night Festival. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, many are speculating that his target was Reese LaFlare.

Last weekend, while backstage at the Day N Night Festival in Orange County, CA, Lil Uzi Vert lost his cool amid a chance encounter with someone whom he clearly has beef with. A video has surfaced of Uzi attempting to break free of security and approach a foe who can’t quite be definitively pointed out. Rumors, and publications like Complex, are claiming that Uzi was trying to get at Atlanta rapper Reese LaFlare, who was also a performer at the festival.

A conflict between Reese and Uzi was revealed at the end of April when OG Maco, during a Twitter rant, suggested that Uzi had borrowed elements of his “rock star” style. When OG Maco included Reese in the discussion, Uzi responded by calling the latter ATL rapper a “clown” whom he had apparently “punched on already.” That prompted Reese to start clapping at Uzi, and he went on a Twitter tirade of his own, claiming that he was responsible for putting Uzi on in the first place.

Reese then dropped a diss track against Uzi, entitled “180secs.” He dropped a video to the song in June.

In the below video, Uzi has his gaze directed to someone (perhaps Reese) in a nearby cluster of people while security attempts to restrain him. He can be heard yelling, “You a f*ggot. You a bitch ass n*gga.” At one point, he scampers away and runs toward his presumed target, though security catches up to him before any physical confrontation can be made.

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