Major Retail Store Ditches Political Correctness And Says “Merry Christmas” This Year

The Gap, which is a large retail store in the United States, decided that it was going to ditch political correctness. They decided that they are not going to adhere to political correctness this year and say “Merry Christmas” to the people who shop at their store. The American Family Association is celebrating this change. They have stated that they are the reason The Gap is deciding to say “Merry Christmas” instead of Happy Holidays.” The American Family Association is known for getting people to ditch political correctness.

The American Family Association has reported that 80 percent of retailers have opted to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” The organization has been attempting to reverse this trend for the past eight years. They provide people with the resources they need in order to implement the change in their communities. They also organize campaigns in various communities that encourage people to reverse the trend of political correctness.

The Gap will be placing signs inside of their that say “Merry Christmas.” This marks a major change for Gap, Inc. In the past, the company was adhering to political correctness by telling people “Happy Holidays” and putting out signs that stated the same.


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