Matt Jordan blasts Kenya Moore again

Matt Jordan & Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan’s relationship has been an up-and-down rollercoaster ride for several months now and reality TV fans have been watching the troubled pair go back and forth online and in interviews, slinging mud at each other. Out of the two, Jordan has been the most vocal about their problems and although he recently defended his girlfriend against their critics, he also decided to blast Moore again as he aired even more of their dirty laundry.

The latest bit of drama began when Jordan revealed in an Instagram video that he was rushing to the airport to catch a flight to the grand opening of Peter Thomas’ new club in North Carolina when he learned in the terminal that Moore had cancelled his ticket.

“Guess who cancelled my ticket? Kenya Moore. I’m tired of this s—. I’m tired,” Jordan said in the video. He captioned the video, “wasted gas driving down here running through the terminal only to find out that my ticket was cancelled last minute by yours truly and then when I break something or yell or act in any aggressive manner y’all wonder why! I get upset and y’all say I’m bashing her online?? #mattjordan #funnystyle.”


According to reports, after Moore saw Jordan’s video, she sent him a Chase Quickpay payment of $20.

Well, it seems like Jordan wasn’t too happy about that either because he responded to the payment by posting a snarky and shady post on Instagram.

“Thanks Kenya for the gas money I really appreciate you you’re such a nice person. What about reimbursement for all the other times you f—– me over. And then sit back and act like I’m some kind of crazy person,” Jordan wrote.

Yesterday, Moore posted on Instagram what seemed to be a response to Jordan’s post.


“I get paid well to share my life on TV. But when I care about someone, I protect them even when I may need protection from them. I’m not going to fight on social media. That’s what kids do. Love me or hate me, I don’t care if I’m 100 and single I’ll never settle for any man just to say I have one. Ladies: A man can make you a wife, or woman now for that matter, but a man can never validate you.#9proposalsandcounting #neverbeendesperate #neverpaidaman #mydaddylovesme #judgenotleatyebejudged #dontjusdgeunlessuknowallthefacts #whosdoingthetalking #whopoststhendeletes #whocrieswolf #youcantbeavictimandahero #whoisdoingdamagetowhom #KenyaMoore #rhoa #realtalk #teamtwirl,” Moore captioned the photo.

Well, we’ve no doubt that all of this drama is going to show up next season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But at this point, we question why these two continue to try to make things work unless it’s just for a storyline for reality TV.

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