Mel Gibson Won’t Have To Pay Ex-Girlfriend Remaining $500,000

Oksana Grigorieva filed a lawsuit against Mel Gibson, alleging battery, emotional distress and defamation. Gibson made a statement that she was trying to extort money. The model was scheduled to received a payment of $15 million payoff from the Oscar winning actor in 2010 when the couple split if she would keep some horrible audiotapes secret. She assumed that she could get even more and changed her mind. Oksana went on Howard Stern in 2013 and claimed domestic abuse at the hands of Gibson, who was on the line to pay $750,000 settlement. HUGE MISTAKE…  A California appeals court has reportedly informed Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend (mother of his daughter Lucia) that she will only receive $250,000 after blabbing about her allegations.  An agreement was established that she would forfeit the balance if she talked. The Russian singer-songwriter can forget about the remaining $500,000 now… Being greedy and talking too much landed her with only 1/60 of the original $15 million.

The interview with Howard Stern seemed brief, but it was clearly enough time for her to incriminate herself….

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