Nspired Talk Radio (NTR) was founded in 2013, by Russell M. Tyson.  NTR’s mission is to use entertainment to encourage, expose, and educate. The show serves a global audience averaging 350,000 listeners a show. Reintroducing themselves globally, Nspired Talk Radio has joined Instinct Radio.

​Nspired Talk Radio is an open-minded platform that discusses matters faced in everyday life. Here is where we talk and where we listen with the hope of finding an actionable solution to societal issues.  Our host serves as an entertaining mediator.

​NTR’s platform is designed to assist in global branding for elite events, products, small businesses, organizations, corporations, artists and others.

 NTR offers remote promos, commercials, and interviews. They also host charitable events designed to uplift and empower the community.

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