Pete Rock to ‘Mumble Rappers’: ‘Y’all Don’t Care About the Culture, So Why You in It?’

“Y’all don’t care about the culture, so why you in it?”

This is the latest question posed by veteran hip-hop producer Pete Rock. Over the past couple of weeks, Pete has been taking rappers to task—mostly new artists that he refers to as “mumble rappers” for what he perceives to be their general lack of interest in preserving hip-hop culture, or learning and valuing its innovators and legends.

Memphis rapper Young Dolph and Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty in particular have been called out by the legendary beatmaker—Dolph for his cocaine-laced lyrics that Pete feels influences young kids, and Yachty for his general disinterest in who he calls “old rappers” like Scarface and Nas.

Both Dolph and Yachty have responded to Pete Rock’s criticisms.

“I don’t know u, and u don’t know me aparently [sic]… But u lame as fuk bra,” Dolph wrote on Instagram. He later reiterated on his stance on Twitter. “Sumbody tell pety rock that Dolph said eat a d— and choke on it wit da rest of my haters.”

After the exchange, Pete says he’s been getting messages from Dolph and Yachty’s fans, though he says he’s unfazed by the extra attention because he’s getting ready to drop a new project with Smoke DZA and it helps. He says he’s also not mad because he’s about preserving the culture. He admits that he may’ve gone about voicing his opinions in the wrong way (he recently called Yachty’s Hot 97 freestyle“trash”) but he stands by his belief that the culture is being disrespected by the general lack of interest some young rappers show in understanding the genre’s roots.

“Why can’t we all just respect some sh-t?” the producer asked on Instagram. “I mighta been wrong the way I went about it but I’m a little tired of people taking this culture for a joke.”

He went on to say that he’s “feeling like Kaepernick” right now.

“I’m obviously passionate about good music and good lyrics,” he wrote. “Can’t understand the mumble rap shit, da hell is that?”

He then seemed to offer his services to young rappers, saying, “I can make y’all sound real good.”

But he’s doubtful anyone will take him up on the offer. “I can clearly see y’all don’t care about the culture, so why you in it? Y’all not gonna last doing [that]!”  [Jacinta Howard]

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Mafuggas still talkin shit and im like………………….😒😂😂😂😂 huuuh boy lol! Why cant we all just respect some shit? I mighta been wrong the way i went about it but im a lil tired of people taking this culture for a joke. Feeling like Kaepernick right now real talk mayne. Im obviously passionate about good music and good lyrics. Cant understand the mumble rap shit da hell is that? Lol cmon man i can make yall sound real good 😂 i can clearly see yall dont care about the culture so why you in it? Yall not gonna last doing dat! The hate dont bother me cuz they are just dedicated fans,its quite funny how random mafuggas outta nowhere just gettin @ me hahahaha 😂 when you know your power the feeling of confidence really sets in. Im trending on twitter over this silly shit hahaha Wow! Ok i'll take it cuz im bout to drop some shit anyway so all this is right on time lol. DSR=Dont Smoke Rock with Smoke Dza is the truth! 😁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 if my words carry weight then heed this shit right here,respect some shit mayne! Make better music and write better lyrics. Cops gonna target us regardless but stop giving them a reason or should i say dont make it easier for them,yall gotta start caring about whats going on around yall. Prove people wrong cuz we are always judged and looked @ a certain way. The ignorant artist shit really makes me upset 😡 the hateful comments only make me more relevant 😃👍🏾😎 lol . If im washed up then why my name in ya mouth? Im just sayin lol. Have a great day everyone. 😉

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