Rap Beef: Nicki’s Response

Rap Beef: Nicki’s Response

Two weeks and two diss tracks later Nicki Minaj finally responds to Remy’s diss tracks and it’s just okay. After Nicki spent a week trolling us with pics from Paris fashion week she finally found the time to get in the studio and give us what we been asking for. The track titled No Frauds ft. Lil Wayne and Drake, Nicki takes shots at Remy going to prison over a rack and having to leave her son, Remy’s speculated plastic surgery, Remy’s record sales and more. Nicki doesn’t have the song available on YouTube but here’s a snippet plus Nicki’s challenge to Remy.

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The song itself is good, catchy hook and nice versus but  when you put this in the category of a Diss Track then it easily becomes just an okay song. Never in the history of rap beef has it ever been okay to have features on your diss track unless you and your whole crew have beef with said person or persons. That’s not the case here though, Remy came by herself for Nicki and she should’ve did the same. The track honestly feels like she added those 12 bars about Remy as an after thought. They had already recorded the song then Remy dissed her so she added those bars just to be able to say she responded. Don’t get me wrong Nicki had some good lines in there especially with that Rah took you to her doctor but you still look like Nah line. But those few lines don’t compare to Shether as a whole. Nicki said she wasn’t making a diss record though, she said she was making a hit song to diss her on, and she’s done just that. No Frauds is number one on iTunes in the US, Brazil, Egypt, Australia, Italy, and is in the top 8 of all genres on iTunes so she did something right with this joint.

The 72 hour challenge Nicki gave Remy was corny. Remy been making hits without using Nicki’s name and she’s done interviews without mentioning her as well so I don’t really understand what the purpose of the challenge was especially when it took her two weeks to come back with anything. I guess Nick didn’t take it to seriously either because she later deleted the post off her page.

In the end Remy won hands down and just because what Nicki came back with wasn’t what most of us were expecting at least she came back with something and didn’t take it laying down. The beef that could’ve went down as one of the best in history comes to a close with nothing really spectacular coming from it. The one thing this beef did do though was create music. Now for the male rappers that find themselves in beef this year please leave the twitter fingers at home and come with some bars. Don’t let the girls out shine y’all.



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