Rap Beef Pt. 2: Remy V Nicki

Rap Beef Pt. 2: Remy V Nicki

Its been about a week since Remy Ma dropped the bomb known a Shether. A whole week with no rebuttal from Ms. Minaj other than a few instagram pictures and shady captions and tweets. So since there was a void in the music side of it all Remy took it upon herself to release Another One.

Now reviews are mixed about Remy’s second diss track. Some people love it, they feel like Remy is bringing back real hip hop. While some others aren’t feeling it at all, they feel like since Nicki has not responded then there was no reason for Remy to put out another diss track, especially since its not at the same level as Shether.

Personally I just wish Nicki would respond with some bars in the very near future. She has been the ONLY mainstream female hip hop artist in the game for the past few years and now that she has a little competition she wants to sit around take pictures and throw subs. Like come on girl, you bot only have millions of young girls looking up to you and your respect on the line, but she’s missing out on hella money opportunities.

Everyone from celebrities to fans are giving their opinion on the beef but honestly it seems like this beef is dying out fast since Nicki refuses to put out any music. Its a shame because this actually could’ve been one of the greatest rap beefs of all time.

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