Rare Moments: Michelle Obama Embraces George W Bush

Most of the things people associate with politics have a negative undertone to it. Especially during a tough election year.

But – today, at least – two U.S. presidents and their families put all of that aside and made one message clear by their actions: we are still all Americans, no matter our differences.

Here’s what happened: Former President George W. Bush was a featured speaker today at Saturday’s opening of the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C., but that’s not what’s grabbing attention – or taking the internet by storm.

Instead, it’s what Michelle Obama did to Bush while they were enjoying a moment together. She put her arms around Bush and he embraced her right back.




While Democrats don’t particularly hold a positive view of the former president (and we can understand why), what they may not know is that President Bush actually signed the legislation that created the Museum for African American History and Culture. That’s why he was one of their lead speakers – and it’s one of the reasons Michelle Obama gave him a hug.

You know what they say – pictures speak a thousand words. Maybe we can learn something from this – that’s the only point we are trying to make here. Even if you don’t think George W. Bush deserved the hug, you have to admit this picture is heartwarming….

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