Remembering Shawty Lo: The Man, The Legend

Atlanta native, Shawty Lo was much more than anything ever written or aired. He was compassionate, business-oriented, ambitious, sociable, and completely genuine. Many saw a rapper and nothing more. His charismatic lifestyle won the hearts of countless individuals.

As cofounder of hip hop group D4L (“Down For Life”), Shawty Lo celebrated their hit single “Laffy Taffy” that hit number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in January 2006. The single did well on other charts as well. Along with Shawty Lo, the group members are Mook B, Fabo, and Stuntman. Shawty Lo later departed from the group to pursue his career as a single artist.

Many know Shawty Lo for his hits such as “Dey Know” and “Dunn Dunn” released in February 2008. He signed his D4L imprint with rapper 50 Cent‘s subsidiary label G-Unit South Records in a joint venture deal in June 2011. After some time passed, “The King of Bankhead” decided to part ways with G-Unit South Records to pursue other opportunities. In 2015, Shawty Lo held a photo shoot event to support his just released project K.O.B. (King of Bankhead) and new smash single “Streetz”. During the event, Shawty Lo announced his new joint partnership with his label D4L Records and GME (Grown Money Entertainment).

The Atlanta legend was involved in a fatal car crash on Wednesday morning (Sept 21). The fiery accident occurred around 2:20 am when the rapper’s Audi crashed over a guardrail and into trees.The ramp to Cascade Road had to be temporarily blocked. Shawty Lo, age 40, was ejected from his seat and died at the scene. Two women in the car were injured and said to not have any life threatening issues. Just before the deadly accident, Shawty Lo was at the Blue Flame Lounge located on Harwell Road.


The media has rarely shined a light on the man that Shawty Lo really was. The “King of Bankhead” was born on March 31, 1976. With not much of an easy life, Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker had to grow up fast in the Bowen Homes projects. He did whatever he could in the streets of Atlanta, GA to maintain. At the age of 17, Shawty Lo’s first child was born increasing the need for better finances. He always expressed his love for his community. He would describe himself as “touchable”. He could be found “in the hoods”, “in school talking to bad kids” and anywhere encouraging the youth to get an education. Before any of his fame began, he had a total of 11 children. His children, nine daughters and two sons, were fathered by ten different women. He also had a godson that would be seen with him often. He didn’t consider himself a rapper. He would simply say that he was “just a real dude from the streets”.

In an interview with Regina Sunshine on Instinct Radio, Shawty Lo discussed his reality show that Oxygen pulled in Jan. 2013 before an episode ever aired. He did not like that they named the show “All My Babies’ Mamas” without asking for his input. With him getting along with all of the mothers, he felt that the name would be damaging and would paint a completely different picture. Despite the rumors that circled around the reality tv show cancellation, the real story eventually surfaced from one of the board members. He expressed his thoughts about that on Regina’s Living Like A B.O.S.S. (Business/Occupation/Service/Significance) Show.  50 Cent shared his condolences on social media posting the photo that Oxygen used to promote the show.

Shawty Lo’s family, friends, and the Westside of Atlanta gathered at ORG studio on Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. Johnnie Cabbell, one of Hip-Hop’s top booking agents and managers who has been with Shawty Lo for 10+ years, commemorated the candle light vigil with a photo of the banner on his Instagram.

We Love You #ShawtyLo #BankheadFoever #BuiltNotBought

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Duvwon Robinson stands with Lo’s sister after praying for the family at Wednesday night’s vigil.

Shawty Lo’s videographer and chef, Milton Swift gave information about some work that he had just completed. Johnnie Cabbell confirmed the video release…

@shawtylo_kob A Letter To My Father !!!! Video coming soon …….

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“We just wrapped up a video dedication to his father called ‘Letter to My Father,’” Swift said. “We just buried him two days ago (Sept 18), and now we got to deal with this right here.”



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