Rumor Alert!! T.I. Doesn’t Care What You Think…


It looks like Tameka’s estranged husband, rap mogul Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Jr. has taken his scandalous relationship with Instagram model Ana Montana to the next level.

The word is that Ana is excited that she no longer has to fly to Dubai to make ends meet any more.

Below is an email to Sandra Rose spilling OLD TEA from an ex-friend of Tameka’s who was forced out of her inner circle by T.I.

The email’s subject line is “YOU SHOULD POST THE TRUTH”.

The following email is posted as is.


I’m a ex-friend of Tameka Cottle’s due to her insecure boyfriend that has a napoleon complex amongst other things. I’m the girl that got blamed by Clifford Harris at the hospital for speaking to you when you knew that she had a miscarriage but you told ______ that you heard that from Diva Star you have never heard from me.

You speak on him as if he is doing good in the community when he is the devil to his loved ones. He makes my ex friend pop ecstacy pills when he knew she was pregnant, he get an attitude if she not setting up jumpoffs for him and having sex with girls. He also does not condone her having friends that he can’t sleep with.

Sandra you are a woman before you are anything else and to cheer on someone that has made Tameka feel like she is nothing without him is not very empowering. it only makes him look better and makes what he has made her feel like be true. He is a pretender! He broke up with her because she wanted to get back with her group.

He has put all of her business about what she does in her bedroom with girls with no regards to that fact that she has a daughter, mother, sister, and nieces that don’t know and was deeply hurt when they find out these things are true.

My ex-friend is in love with a lifestyle that requires a lot from her spiritually. There is so much more! Including him [redacted] in front of kids at Zonnique’s birthday party, cheating with her friends, taking back everything that he gives her if she does not go by his rules. You should call _______ and ask her. She will tell you the truth. Your first mind about him was your right mind.

Well there it is… Tell us what you think about The Family Hustle rumors below……

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