Taylor Swift Can’t Sue Kanye Over Recorded Phone Conversation


According to TMZ, Taylor Swift may have a hard time trying to drag Kanye West and Kim Kardashian over their recorded phone call.
As you remember, Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to drop a series of videos showing Taylor Swift was okay with the use of her name in Kanye West’s “Famous” song. In the snapchats we see Kanye West having a conversation with Taylor Swift over speaker phone and Taylor seemingly giving her blessing. The video seems to have been some kind of behind the scenes footage, although its intended use is unknown.
In California it is illegal to record “confidential communication” without someone else’s consent. However, there’s a huge loophole here — this does not include conversations that could be overheard. In Taylor’s case, it was pretty obvious that she knew she was on speakerphone. Not only did Taylor know she was on speakerphone, there were points in the full video where Rick Rubin, who is seen laying on the couch, spoke up. Also, in the full recording, other people in the room speak up as well.
So, unfortunately for Taylor, since it was pretty obvious she was on speakerphone. It’s gonna be pretty difficult to prove the conversation was confidential and that Kanye didn’t have permission to record it. If I were Taylor, I would just enjoy all the heat that Melania Trump is getting over plagiarizing Michelle Obama, and be thankful there’s no more heat on me.

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