The Internet Radio Online Concert (I.R.O.C.) is Back!!!

iroc3 Instinct


I.R.O.C is a partnership between Instinct Radio, HotTalk Radio, AUMA Radio, ARS Radio, HotBlock Magazine/Radio and K100 Radio.

We asked quite a few artists what do they need the most to boost their career to the next level. Almost all of them said the same thing.. “EXPOSURE”.  We understand that a lot of artists have what it takes to be the next big superstar but they lack the platform to be heard and seen. What better way to do this then by preforming in front of 6+ of the hottest Atlanta radio stations and all our media friends at one time? 

The I.R.O.C can be viewed online at, On the Instinct Radio app K100 Radio or and in person at Pegasus in Atlanta.

Free before 10pm if you sign up here!

Prizes include:

1. Opening slot for the September’s I.R.O.C. (6 mins)

2. Trophy 

3. On air interview with ALL stations

4. Front page placement with All stations

5. 30 Day Song Rotation with multiple stations

6. Magazine write ups


This is a month of exposure from 8+ stations!


Some of our past events are…HERE…OR…HERE

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