Thugs rob and set great-grandmother on fire


The level of brutality among young criminals reached a new low in Georgia during a robbery in the community of Meriwether County. According to law enforcement, five assailants identified as Justin Grady, Cortavious Heard, and Shanquavious Cameron, Mina Ellery and Angel Harmo are accused of breaking into the home of Dorothy Dow, an 83-year-old great-great-grandmother. At least one of the men had been hired to work in a blueberry field on the property and knew Dow, who had hired him and paid in cash. Sheriff’s deputies say that the men broke into her home through a screen door and assaulted the grandmother while she was sleeping in her bedroom. The men demanded money and the victim stated that she had none in the home. It was then that she was viciously beaten and pistol whipped by her attackers.

Dow sustained extensive injuries, including two broken arms,bruising and cuts to her face. The attackers then left and Dow thought she had survived the worst ordeal of her life, but she was mistaken. The men returned and sprayed lighter fluid all over her body and set the senior citizen on fire. The callous attackers then left the home leaving Dow to die, but the tough 83-year-old showed tremendous mettle. She suffered from a chronic respiratory illness and she had a gallon jug of water in another room for her equipment. With a determination and willpower that would rival someone decades younger, she crawled to the jug of water and doused the flames.

Incredibly, Dow was able to call 911 and police and emergency officials arrived on the scene to render aid. Police were soon able to track down her attackers and have charged them with the assault.

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