White Mother Hits A Black Teen For Calling Her White Son The N-Word!

Really though?!…

John Thomas, a Northumberland High School student, can be seen on a video clip on Tuesday (Aug 30) being beaten by another boy. That part sounds pretty normal, right?

BUT THEN… The boy’s mother jumped in the fight! Heather Lynn Sebra began hitting and yelling at John screaming “You are not gonna call my son a n—–, do you understand me?”.

Both Sebra and her son are white.


John did not fight back while trying to understand what was happening and why…

“What? Why would I call him a n—–?,” he said, just after she had smacked him.

John’s mother, Nicole Thomas, was brought to tears watching the clip, and upset with Sebra.

“For this woman to restrain my son as she did by his shirt, and stick her finger in his face, after slapping him and chastising him for saying something he did not, how dare you?” Thomas told WTVR. “To abuse, berate, belittle, intimidate and physically attack someone is disgusting.”

John Thomas, the teen in the clip, told reporters he let Heather Lynn Sebra hit him despite knowing she was wrong.Nicole Thomas, John Thomas’s mother, was furious at the video, calling Heather Lynn Sebra’s actions disgusting.

“Plus, she was an adult,” he told reporters. “So I let her do it. Let her make that choice because in the end I’m going to win.”

Northumberland High School principal Dr. Travis Burns told WWBT he was “deeply concerned” over the fight, which he said was between a ninth-grader on the junior varsity football team and an 11th grader on the varsity team.

After being embarrassed for being told to mind his own business when trying to jump in John’s conversation, the boy went out and got his mother… She wasn’t very far away with her being a football volunteer.

Sebra has since been charged with assault for hitting John. She “struck one of the juveniles with an open hand,” the Northumberland sheriff’s office told reporters.

The school has taken disciplinary action against both students in the fight, as well as the student behind the camera.

A protective order has also been served against the smacking Virginia mother.


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