WRAL’s Gilbert Baez honored by Bill Clinton for 1973 award; Pastor Andy Thompson Speaks on the Election

WRAL’s Gilbert Baez traveled to Washington, D.C. to be recognized as the Boy of the Year, an award through the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The recognition program celebrates the extraordinary achievements of teens at school, church, home and in the community. He was a member of the R.W. Brown Boy’s Club in Philadelphia when he won the award. He accepted his prize and take a photo with then-president Richard Nixon. But, due to scheduling conflicts, Nixon was unable to take the photo.

Forty-three years, and a few presidents later, Baez was finally able to get his well-deserved picture with former president Bill Clinton while he attended a campaign event in Durham, NC.

Baez explains the backstory of the photo


Andy Thompson talked about his views on President Clinton’s discussion. Andy Thompson is a spiritual educator, a leader, a motivator of men, and a man of faith. He uses modern day parables, humor and truth to challenge spiritual thought and growth in people from every cultural or economic background. His church, World Overcomers Christian Church , currently located in the Research Triangle Park area of Durham, North Carolina, a few miles west of RDU Airport, is one of the fastest growing churches in America. Here are the thoughts he posted…

Today’s discussion with President Clinton was a serious call to action when it comes to this upcoming election. I left feeling personally challenged, even a bit repentant. My attitude towards Trump’s divisive rhetoric has been too comedic and light hearted. It has been my defense mechanism, my attempt to deal with what I fear his candidacy says about America today. President Clinton laid down the gauntlet, and reminded us that divisive racially motivated fear speech is not the answer to the challenges we are facing in America. The path to prosperity is founded on togetherness and understanding, not anger and finger pointing frustration. The appeal to return to the America of 50 years ago, that is not the answer. We can’t find progress by continually looking back. 

This election is important, not only to the shaping of America, but to the reshaping of the Republican Party. We must become involved, especially the Millennial! If you were born between 1983-2000, your voice must be heard! And your future prosperity depends on your involvement in this important process! Make sure you are registered! Hit up everyone you are connected to, get them out to vote this year. If we want an America that is unified and open to connection and diversity, then this election will be a turning point. Cry out to God, and then Register and Vote! Together, we can make a difference!!! 


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