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Originally born in Florida where she attended school in her earlier years, Veronica Jones lived with her grandparents until the death of her grandmother which shook her as a child. Afterwards, she was uprooted and moved to Atlanta to live with her parents.  As a young girl growing up in the inner city of Atlanta, Veronica Jones was determined to pave her own way to success and began to work toward her dream of entrepreneurship at an early age.

Veronica did not exactly grow up in your typical middle-class home. While there were certainly some good times, she has experienced her share of obstacles, struggles, let downs and setbacks. Becoming pregnant at 16 was another chapter she faced in her young life with two years of high school remaining.   After giving birth she struggled with the demands of motherhood and being a student, so her daughter was then sent to live with Veronica’s father while she obtained her diploma.

After trying times at home she was put out of her home for a brief stint; yes she became homeless. Knowing her support was little to none, hopelessness began to set in.   Her attempts to receive assistance from the state was turned down. Having no address at the time limited her options. Uncertain of her future she remained steadfast.

Bound and determined not to rely on anyone to support her, in 1992 she began waitressing at Club Nikki’s a newly established adult entertainment club in Atlanta. This led to several positions ultimately becoming a manager. Veronica was a sponge and watched and learned everything there was to know about the business and in July 1995 she and some friends started The Body Tap Exclusive. She was a woman leading the way in an industry with predominantly male owners.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Veronica went on to start her own company Jus 2 Resources LLC.  This company covers a lot of different ventures. Real estate, interior design, construction and business consulting. She currently owns commercial property that she leases out to various companies a restaurant being one of them. She is currently pursuing buying a club in the heart of Atlanta near the new Mercedes dome where she operates a business with longtime friend Louis Wallace (Jack Tré) known as Instinct radio. The station has grown tremendously in just three short years. Recently, Instinct Radio was awarded “Internet Radio Station of the Year” in Atlanta, Ga.

After owning and operating the adult entertainment business for over 20 years and various other endeavors along the way, the journey helped develop the desire and passion for helping others. Veronica began to seek opportunities to reach back and bring to fruition her goal of mentoring inner-city youth.   She founded the 717 Experience in April 2015. Through the 717 Experience, Ms. Jones aims to pass on her knowledge and equip young girls with the tools to become successful in their own right.

Her hustle from the streets and experience has, without a doubt, helped to establish her as a savvy, and well-respected businesswoman. She will soon add author to her résumé, as she is currently writing her first book.

Jack Tré owner and co-founder of Instinct Radio, has an unrivaled passion for entertainment and a natural curiosity for technology.   His entrepreneurial spirit and drive has led him to be successful in his many endeavors over the years.  This in combination with his passion and curiosity helped to birth Instinct Radio.

Raised in the streets of Atlanta, GA.  (Bankhead to be exact), life has certainly thrown Jack Tré   a few curve balls that may have led to some poor choices on his part.  Without the guidance or support from his mother or father he was homeless at the age of 14, dropped out of school in the ninth grade and became a father at the age of 16.  Later on in his life, one of his businesses went bust due to real estate market crash, he served a small stint in prison and tragically lost his father.  While this sounds horrible and to some insurmountable, it was not all bad.  As always, Jack was able to find a silver lining and learn some critical skills that he relies on today; ingenuity, innovation, resourcefulness and resilience.

He triumphed over every obstacle.  He began working during the day and attending school at night earning his high school diploma and eventually graduating from Atlanta Technical College. He started his own promotions and advertising company, Jack Tré Ent.   Jack also found redemption in his personal life.  He was able to reconcile with his parents and purchased homes for each of them.  How’s that for irony!

In 2014 Jack co-founded Instinct Radio. Staying true to who he is, he and his partner Veronica Jones, head Instinct Radio on MLK in Southwest Atlanta. Jack wanted to create a platform for positive, controversial, thought provoking and hilarious entertainment.  With his love for technology he designed and created an app for the Radio station.  Instinct Radio fills the airwaves, through our computers, tablets and our smartphones with over 30 talk shows about relationships, entrepreneurship, pop culture motivation and fitness.  Instinct Radio has grown tremendously in just three short years. Recently, Instinct Radio was awarded with “Internet Radio Station of the Year” in Atlanta, Ga.

While there has already been success with Instinct Radio, Jack Tré feels that this is only the beginning.

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