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Every 2nd and 4th Saturday 10pm-12am

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Its new. Its fresh. Its exciting. Its epic. Hosted by Damian 'Black Magic' Leakes, he brings the world to your eyes and ears thru a ROCKSTAR point of view. This show is VERY unpredictable. Raw & unscripted, Black Magic does not hold back while allowing guest and viewers to be themselves and represents for those 'out the box' thinkers and also those want to start thinking and living that way. From sex to music, sports to politics, religion to food, Black Magic covers all angles. ROCKSTARLYFE THE SHOW....everything you wanted....nothing you expected. "I'm not telling you to be a rock star, because we're all one. I'm pushing the agenda of LIVING like one....24/7!!!" Tune in, come have drink, call in, its whatever! Ready to rock out?....then watch ROCKSTARLYFE THE SHOW every 2nd & 4th Saturday.....Exclusively on Instinct Radio!

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